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IELTS Essay Tips for Task 1

Task one is typically given less attention as a result of students square measure typically additional involved concerning Task two. it's true that Task one is shorter and slightly additional easy which task two carries additional marks however Task one is simply as vital and it's your initial piece (normally) of writing that the examiner sees. As such, this task can offer the examiner their initial impression of your ability in English writing and you actually wish this impression to be a decent one.
Task 1, whether or not tutorial or General, could be a additional sensible piece of writing than Task two. this suggests that you simply want a additional objective type of writing. Here you're not being asked for your opinion or ideas.
You are either being asked to explain one thing or to jot down a letter to realize a precise result.

Let us initial inspect Task one Academic:

Here square measure the items that you simply actually need to form positive you recognize for Task one Academic:

Know your range vocabulary – you're additional seemingly to urge an information question than the other and having a decent vary of vocabulary for describing numbers is important
Make sure you perceive that words and phrases are often used with the various forms of knowledge – bar charts and pie charts square measure static and don't show movement whereas line graphs do – e.g. a word like ‘fluctuate’ shows movement therefore would be applicable for a bar or chart
Be clear concerning the way to analyse the information and choose what you would like to jot down concerning – typically this can be the very best figures, very cheap figures and something that's important or uncommon

Decide however you'll organised this info into two paragraphs – if you have got analysed well this could be obvious – seek for things in common or ways in which within which teams are often shaped
You don’t have to be compelled to mention everything – there square measure solely a hundred and fifty words

Try to write a hundred and fifty to one hundred eighty words – the additional you write the longer is alienated from checking your work and coming up with and writing Task two – additionally, the additional you write the upper the prospect of creating errors therefore keep to the word limit
Don’t chuck method and map description these queries do seem on the exams
A method could be a logical description of however one thing is created or works – believe describing a typical method like cookery a specific dish or work on to the net – however would you describe this and so apply this to the task – don’t forget the relevant vocabulary for moving from one stage to consecutive – foremost, next, at the moment etc..
A map description would force use of tenses – believe the chronology of the changes what happens and once
Try to notice samples of this type of writing – inspect the business pages of newspapers for knowledge, ‘how to..’ info (on the internet) for method and Historical Timelines for describing map changes all of those can assist you with the right vocabulary

Now we’ll take into account Task one General:

Here square measure some things which will assist you to make a extremely sensible letter:
Firstly, attempt to imagine that this can be a true scenario which you have got to jot down this letter – imagine individuals you recognize UN agency can be concerned. If it appears real then you’ll approach the task higher

For a band seven within the letter you'll still have to be compelled to fulfil all the band descriptors therefore think twice concerning the vocabulary and language you'll use
Make sure you perceive the distinction between formal. Semi-formal and informal letters – knowing this helps you to settle on applicable language and vocabulary
Letters square measure invariably written to realize associate degree aim – what's the aim in your letter? What do expect the opposite person to try to to as a results of receiving it? ensure you write your letter in order that you'll get that result

Think about register (formal/informal) if you're writing to a lover you'll not use an equivalent language as writing to a managing director however if you're asking a lover to try to to one thing special (look once your dog or send you some books for example) you wish for invite such the simplest way that you simply appreciate what they're going to do and create them wish to assist you – we have a tendency to do that by being terribly polite; could/I surprise if you’d mind etc..
Don’t forget to set up your letter – what percentage points does one have to be compelled to create – the question can tell you this. that points are going to be within which paragraph?
And just like the tutorial task one keep to the word count (150 to one hundred eighty maximum) for an equivalent reasons

There square measure legion sources of letters on-line – look in newspapers (you will notice these online) for letters to the editor investigate the language and use this in your own letters – exploitation real examples can assist you to boost your language and your writing over simply staring at IELTS examples and your friend’s makes an attempt.


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