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IELTS Reading Tips

All queries area unit required within the reading module. No negative marking is finished for incorrect answers.

The IELTS reading module is that the most tough half for several candidates. Candidate must browse 3 long sections, every with multiple paragraphs. Candidate must answer total forty queries (13 to fourteen queries per section).
The Academic Reading Module takes total hour. There area unit 3 reading passages with a complete of 1500 to 2000 words.

The take a look at material is picked from magazines, journals, books, and newspapers. whereas a minimum of one text contains elaborate abstract thought, one might contain non-verbal materials like diagrams, graphs or illustrations.
No overtime is given to the candidate at the tip of the take a look at to transfer your answers onto the solution sheet.

You have solely hour to finish the take a look at. thus manage some time right before you begin together with your take a look at.

Scanning is what one does; as an example, once searching for a number during a directory. you recognize the particular data you're searching for and you go down the page quickly to seek out it. this method is employed once responsive queries like multiple-choice and matching. You scan the passage to quickly realize the knowledge mentioned within the question. Once you discover it, you catch the solution from the passage and write it against the question.

Skimming refers to reading a paragraph quickly to urge a concept of what it's concerning, while not making an attempt to grasp its details. this method is a component of the initial reading (see below). It may be changed (reading somewhat slower) to answer "Provide headings for the paragraphs”, “In that paragraph will this data seem within the text?” and “Author's views” style of queries

Do not bog down on one question. If you cannot get the solution, move on. It’s no drawback as you'll be able to perpetually return thereto later

First browse the question and so recall it in your mind. Mark the keywords within the queries like dates, names, places, etc. this fashion you'll get a concept of the kind of knowledge you'll be searching for.

Read the directions fastidiously. this is often vital as a result of it’s may be a reading take a look at.

All the queries in ONE explicit SET area unit during a specific sequence & order, and then is that the data within the paragraph. And so, if you answer one of a group then logically the data within the paragraph is for two, and so on.

Do a minimum of one hour of browsing daily during a quiet place & attempt to read a minimum of vi pages.

Daily attempt to try one passage a minimum of and take a look at to try to to it in twenty minutes.

Following kinds of queries area unit asked within the IELTS Reading Test:

    Multiple alternative
    Short-answer queries
    Sentence completion
    Notes/ summary/ diagram/ flow chart/ table completion
    Selecting from a "heading bank" for known paragraphs/ sections of the text
    Identification of writer's views / attitudes/ claims
    Matching lists / phrases

Candidates will write their answers on the question paper, however they can't take it out of the room. All answers ought to tend within the answer sheet provided to the candidate.

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