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Tips for the day of your IELTS Speaking Test

So the day has finally arrived – it’s test day! Depending on the test centre you are taking your test in, you might have the speaking on a different day to the other parts of the test or at the beginning or end of the same day. Whenever your speaking assessment is, here are some useful tips for the day of your IELTS speaking test.

Tip 1: Know the Procedure on Test Day

You can make the whole test a lot less stressful by knowing in advance what you will be required to do. As the format will be slightly different depending on your test centre, you should always ask first, but here is a common breakdown of the speaking test section.

  1. You will arrive at the test centre and be registered using your ID (passport, ID card etc).
  2. The test administrator will check your identification, take a photo and scan your fingerprint.
  3. You will be given a piece of paper with your candidate number on. Keep this safe as you will need it a few times throughout the day.
  4. You will be escorted to a lounge.
  5. In SOME take a look at centres, you may lean Associate in Nursing approximate time for your speaking assessment. In different take a look at centres, you merely have to be compelled to wait till your name or candidate variety is named.
  6. The examiner can decision you out of the waiting area. Your fingerprint are checked once more, further as your ID.
  7. Your personal belongings (bags, mobile phones – even watches!) are secured during a separate space. you may keep solely your ID and also the piece of paper you got once you initial registered.
  8. The examiner can take you to the room and conduct the take a look at.
  9. After the take a look at, you may be escorted back to gather your belongings, then escorted removed from {the different|the opposite} candidates (you won't be allowed to speak to other candidates till they need conjointly finished their test)
  10. As mentioned, there'll be slight variations reckoning on your take a look at centre – if you've got something to feature, please post it within the comments section below!

Tip 2: Get your brain thinking in English before you start!

As shortly because the day begins once you have you ever have your speaking take a look at, you would like to induce your brain thinking and responding in English. meaning avoiding conversations with folks in your language if attainable – take some English music or a podcast in English with you and place headphones in once you’re waiting, unless there's a chance to talk English to others.

Tip 3: Don’t study IELTS textbooks whereas you wait

Trying to cram the maximum amount as you'll be able to within the previous few minutes before the take a look at terribly seldom helps, and infrequently leaves you additional panicky and nervous. Ideally, take your own note book with some vocabulary, or perhaps simply Associate in Nursing English novel or non-IELTS connected book.

Tip 4: sit down with the examiner once you area unit initial required your take a look at :

Don’t wait till you area unit in the examination space to break the ice with the examiner (break the ice suggests that to get the speech started between 2 folks once they initial meet). The examiner might not say much to – they have to think of the administration steps to get you ready for the test – but saying a quick hello and asking the examiner how they’re day is going is a great way to help you start building a relationship with the examiner, and serving to you once it involves beginning the take a look at.

Tip 5: Dress comfortably

You will get no extra points for wearing a suit or formal dress and you certainly don’t lose points for wearing your favourite old jeans, therefore dress in garments that you feel snug in. confine mind that take a look at day is quite long, and you don’t grasp the temperature of every of the rooms you may be in (the waiting area, the testing room, the queue to register) therefore confirm you've got one thing to stay you heat that’s simple to carry or place during a bag if it’s too heat.

Tip 6: Take a snack

From the time you line up to register to the time you've got finished the speaking take a look at, you'll are on the select up to five hours, therefore though you would possibly not be hungry as you head to the take a look at centre, it’s necessary to require a snack with you retain you going. Ideally this could be one thing healthy (some fruit, for example) and many of water to stay your brain hydrous. though there could also be a coin machine of one thing similar at the take a look at centre, you can’t accept it!

Tip 7: keep in mind why you're there

It is common to induce nervous and stressed on take a look at day, however simply keep in mind why you're taking the take a look at. you're NOT there to form the examiner such as you or to pass employment interview. you're simply there to demonstrate your level of English, therefore be ready to speak and be realistic regarding creating mistakes (even in your language, you're seemingly to hesitate or specific yourself slightly poorly occasionally throughout a fourteen minute speech with a alien during a formal situation!).

Tip 8: keep in mind why the examiner is there

Let’s be honest – if the examiner wasn’t being paid, they wouldn’t be within the examination space asking you queries. For examiners, it's a paid job and fully nothing personal. And wherever will the examiner get paid from? Your take a look at fees, that causes you to the employer! conjointly confine mind that among ten minutes of your take a look at, once you've got left the space and also the examiner has selected your level, he or she is going to seemingly ne'er believe you once more. therefore don’t worry regarding ‘making a fool of yourself’ or creating ’embarrassing mistakes’ – the examiner can sit down with a minimum of 0.5 a dozen candidates that day.

We hope the following pointers facilitate, however if you've got the other tips that have worked well for you, please post them within the comment section below!


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